Of course without the jflicks for cord cutters software you don’t have a complete solution.

There are two install types:

  • An installer with a Server component and a desktop application called Scheduler.  Using the Scheduler you can check the current status of jflicks for cord cutters from any computer on your network; or on the same computer that is running the Server.  I call this a “desktop” install.
  • An installer with just the jflicks for cord cutters Server installed and running as a service.  This means it will re-start when the computer is rebooted.  This is intended for more of a permanent installation but it is not necessary.  I for one just run the Server in desktop mode.  Been doing it that way since 2010.

Please note that the service install is not quite ready yet.  Check back when you get a chance.

We are supporting Mac, Ubuntu Linux and Windows to run the jflicks for cord cutters Server and Scheduler desktop applications.  And you can mix and match however you like – you can run the Server on one OS and the Scheduler on another OS and computer.  The Server has received most testing on Mac and Ubuntu Linux.  I run the Server on Ubuntu Linux but develop all the source code on a Mac.  I don’t use Windows much at all but I have tested it and all seems to be working fine.