What is the jflicks for cord cutters system? It has been an attempt to create a “whole house DVR and video library” set of tools.  The focus now is to complement a modern household that streams video from the Internet with local programming using an over-the-air tuner.

I started working on the jflicks media system in 2010.  A huge undertaking but I thought it would be fun to do.  I have been writing Java code every day since 1997 so it’s the language I’m most comfortable with using.  Java is why the “j” is in front of the “flicks” part.

I had a web site and I promoted the project as best as I could.  It is a small project but I know several people who use it for their TV recording.  The people who want to run a Home Theater PC have a choice of several big projects to choose from in addition to my project.  A Home Theater PC takes a lot of skill to install and more importantly to maintain.  So when people invest that kind of effort they really don’t want to switch.  They have gotten it to work as best they can and starting over with a new project is not an appetizing idea.  My focus has been to make installing and maintaining jflicks as simple as possible.

Now it’s 2015 and what has changed?  A lot really in the last few years.  TV is migrating from cable/satellite to the Internet.  Certainly we are just at the beginning.  But I see a niche that perhaps jflicks could fill for people.  It certainly fills a niche for me in how I consume video.  I am what is known as a cord cutter.  I do not pay any monthly bill to a cable or satellite company for TV.  I used to pay $150 a month, each and every month.  Now I only pay for what I really want to watch by buying what I want on iTunes or Amazon.   I’d say the last six months I’ve saved close to $700.  Every person is different and it may not work for everyone.  But I think maybe a lot of people are just like me.

I think the trick in saving that kind of money is watching the TV that is free.  The big 5 networks ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS along with other free TV from CW, MyNetworkTV, ION and other local broadcasters.  I think if I had to buy all the episodes from these networks from  iTunes or Amazon I’d be close to paying the same $150 a month.

The hard part with local free TV has been people don’t want to deal with setting up an antenna.  Believe me I know what it takes to set one up.  I’ve done it enough to the point that it’s fun for me!  There are a lot of people who just live in an area where they just can’t get free TV.  I get that.  But there are many many more people who don’t know that a simple indoor antenna could get them the best high definition quality (ok not as good as blu ray) that is generally better than HD from cable or satellite.

So where does jflicks fit in?  Well what I do at my house is watch what I want on the Internet using a an Apple TV and using that same set top box I watch recordings from jflicks.  I also can watch the recordings on a phone or tablet.  I use an old computer to run jflicks and also a hardware TV tuner gizmo that my antenna wire plugs into.  So using the set top box, an old computer, the TV tuner gizmo I can access all the best entertainment from the Internet and free TV all in one spot, saving money each month while doing it.

Maybe you can too.  🙂