To really get a great cord cutter system up and running a couple of hardware devices are needed.

First and foremost you need a computer to run the jflicks for cord cutters software.  It doesn’t have to be the fastest, latest or greatest.  An older computer should work fine.  Certainly anything that is 5-7 years old should work.  And you need disk space to store your recordings.  As a round number each hour of video is about 5 gigabyte.  So a 1 terabyte hard drive should allow for about 200 hours of video.  Of course your mileage may vary but those numbers give you an idea.  The computer can be a Mac, Ubuntu Linux or Windows.  I would recommend a Mac or Ubuntu Linux as I’ve tested them the most.  I develop the jflicks for cord cutters software on a Mac and in my home I run jflicks for cord cutters on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS with four 2 terabyte hard drives.

Secondly you need at least one HDHomerun network tuner device from Silicon Dust.  I recommend the HDHomerun EXTEND model because it can record your local broadcast channels in mpeg4 format.  Modern phones, tablets and set top boxes need mpeg4 video to display.  I support the older HDHomerun CONNECT model but it can only record in mpeg2 video.  What jflicks for cord cutters will do is record in mpeg2 and then transcode it to mpeg4 video in software.  This is not as good as a solution in my opinion because it takes time to transcode and watching your recording is delayed until the transcode to mpeg4 is complete.  So this means if you only have an HDHomerun CONNECT device you cannot watch a recording while it is in process.  The transcode to mpeg4 starts when the recording is complete.  Depending on your TV habits this might be fine.  Often I find myself not watching any particular recording until a day or two after.  Having said that I believe having the HDHomerun EXTEND is worth the added cost (about $80 extra for a new one).  I have two EXTEND models so I can record four channels at once.

Lastly you need at least an iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod).  If you want to watch on a TV you need an Apple TV.  The older Apple TV can be used via AirPlay from your iOS device or use the new Apple TV 4 with my tvOS application.