Site updated!

I have run many web sites over the years and to be honest, writing HTML is not a fun thing for me to do. I’m a software developer and to me doing markup is not programming. It’s work! Programming is FUN!!!

Fortunately there have been projects like WordPress that make creating and maintaining a site easy. It makes the HTML generation an easy point and click and typing thing. Your average joe who knows nothing about programming can do WordPress. It’s still a tremendous amount of work to run a web site but the task is manageable using tools like WordPress.

A problem with WordPress is that it is really easy to hack. In my opinion it is because PHP isn’t the greatest with security. But to be fair, security on the web is something that was just nailed on after the fact so it is a hard thing to do with any sort of framework. To prevent WordPress from being hacked the maintainer needs to be very diligent on keeping WordPress, PHP, and even their web server updated so newly found vulnerabilities can be patched. Again this is a lot of work and really has to be done on a daily basis.

To avoid the hacking problem I chose to use jekyll for this j4cc site. The reason it is close to unhackable is because the site is only static web pages. Static web pages take out things like PHP and databases. Web servers are generally the strongest link in the chain when running site with a tool like WordPress. Now jekyll is a very nice tool but it is not as easy to use as WordPress. And since WordPress is so popular there are many themes to use to make your site spiffy.

I recently found a WordPress plugin that allows your site to be generated as static pages. It is Simply Static. So the j4cc new site is built using WordPress but served up statically on the server. This is truly the best of both worlds. As an author I create posts on my personal machine, generate the static site and then upload the static pages.

Take that hackers!!!!