jflicks for cord cutters Mobile

I am happy to announce that the iOS app that can access the services of the jflicks for cord cutters server has been released in the App store.

The iOS app allows you to watch and control the j4cc server software running on a server on your local network. And you can watch on your Apple TV (version 3 and prior) using Apple Airplay.

iOS screen shot

The iOS app supports everything that the tvOS does except for live TV. You still get the same benefits of being a cord cutter where perhaps if you are like me you can save a ton of money over time.

jflicks for cord cutters Apple TV 4

I was given the new Apple TV 4 as a developer by Apple late last summer in a “raffle”. The new device was going to be an iOS device and we could use real tools and code to write applications for it. And it was going to be open to all developers.

Earlier versions the only way to write an app was to be a partner of Apple and to extend a web template framework to customize it for your data. It is why most apps in that era looked so much alike.

And as a developer working on the other platforms is not rewarding at all – the tooling is not very good and in the case of the Roku you only have a scripting engine to work with which is very limiting. Perhaps they have improved it but when I was looking into it and trying to write an app it was very frustrating. Of course that is just my experience and if others are happy then I am happy for you.

So to say the least I was very enthused to be able to write an app for tvOS using the the tools and language I had been using and had some experience with. And to get a free Apple TV 4 was icing on the cake.

I am happy to announce that the Apple TV 4 app that can access the services of the jflicks for cord cutters server has been released in the Apple app store.

iOS screen shot

For months now the Apple TV 4 has been my device to watch all the video I watch in my home. The one stop place, with not changing inputs on the TV or even changing the remote. I use it to watch:

  • My local recordings using the j4cc app. Recorded by my j4cc server on a Linux box accessing HDHomerun EXTEND devices.
  • My home video and bluray rips from iTunes on my Mac.
  • Other Internet based video from YouTube, iTunes Store among others.

I am living the cord cutter life, definitely saving money because I spend a lot less than the $150 a month I was paying before. I do buy the show seasons I want from the iTunes store, but I would say I have saved 90% of the money I would have spent the last year. It just shows that the money was going to support channels and shows I just never would watch. I like that a lot, I feel like I get to vote with my wallet and it makes a difference.